A hotel with many stars...

...literally so many stars

The new camping frontier has been named Glamping. This neologism consists of two terms: glamour and camping. To give a definition of glamping you could say that it is a luxury camping. A way to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing all the comforts of a hotel. It is a hotel with many stars (literally), because in the open air. Those who love to travel in tents know this well: there is nothing that can replace the emotion of waking up and being immersed in a spectacular landscape. A taste of authentic rediscovery of the territory that only the walls of the tent can provide. Those who prefer to travel in a luxury hotel know equally well that relaxation is made of many small conveniences. From the union of these two needs comes glamping: the accommodation that takes the best of the two travel experiences and makes rediscover the meaning of contact with the territory.

Who is glamping for?

Glamping is the ideal type of holiday for all those who love the level of comfort and luxury of a high-level hotel but, at the same time, do not want to give up the opportunity to be outdoors and in contact with nature: from families to couples looking for an original romance. If once these expectations seemed irreconcilable and difficult to meet, today they have become a reality.


Characteristics of glamping

It is a trend that comes directly from North Europe and America and brings with it a deep green sensibility, starting from the furnishings of eco-resorts where you do not use plastic, but wood or bio-recycled materialdegradable, to design details in non-invasive settlements, combining full contact with nature and absolute comfort at an affordable price. These are extra luxury curtains with bathroom and kitchen, large beds and livable spaces, well insulated and heated.

Glamping is contact with nature and respect for it, all seasoned with a touch of glamour.


You will make your little ones happy, because they will sleep in a tent, and you will make yourself happy, because, you will not give up your comfort and your privacy.

Our structures   are   of the real holiday/ bungalow/ mini apartments that keep intact the idea of tent and contact with nature by giving them the comfort and charm of a glamorous hotel.

All this thanks to a leading company on the market: CRIPPACONCEPT, which for years has been designing quality structures designed to last over time using environmentally friendly materials in full respect of the environment, #biogreen.

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