Glamping: an experience of excellence

Glamping is an experience to be fully lived

Sleep in a glamorous tent, on one floor or two, with a view or surrounded by the green of unspoilt nature. Direct contact with the surrounding nature but never abandoning the comforts.
Welcome and familiarity of a structure extralbelghiera with the services of a hotel.

Life in the countryside with Giovanni

With us you can experience the 360-strong landscape: walks through the fields and vineyards in the discovery of native wild plants and not. An expert of the trade, Giovanni, with love and passion will involve you in the work in the countryside by letting you touch the products of the land that, you can collect and cook in your units.
The guests will agree with Giovanni the most suitable time to carry it out, also according to the climatic conditions and the type of path you want to make. It is also completely free and can be repeated several times during your stay in Glamping.


Creative afternoon

Every Thursday afternoon in the veranda patronal will take place the “Creative Afternoon”, two hours in the company of the artist and teacher Santina, second ranked at the Biennale di Verona. He will illustrate and explain ancient and modern techniques of textile art, and together you will create with your own hands something unique and special that you will take with you.
Reservation is required and materials are included.

For guests: 15€ per person, 20€ couple.
Non guests: 25€ per person, 40€ couple.

Aperitif at sunset in jacuzzi

Every day from 18.00 to 20:00 will be served a hearty aperitif with local products and homemade dishes. Unique atmosphere around the Jacuzzi, piano bar, chromotherapy and much more…
The use of the pool is free of charge with mandatory consumption per person for all guests of Glamping. For those who do not stay overnight is necessary to book two hours in advance.

Non guests: 7€ per person + compulsory drink
For guests: free + compulsory drink

Let’s dance together

Dance lessons for couples and not with Francesca, dancer and teacher of Caribbean dances (Cuban Salsa, bachata and snacks)
On Wednesday afternoon at 17:30 the lesson It will start with an initial warm-up and will follow with the basic steps of salsa and bachata. No partner is needed and fun is guaranteed
Reservation is required one day before. It requires sportswear preferably comfortable shoes.

Non guests: 15€ per person, 20€ couple
For guests: 10€ per person, 15€ couple

Time of olives and new oil

October, is the month of the olive harvest, the temperature is pleasant, the sun is still warm but not too much, the countryside is rich in colors, scents and sensations…. Our guests love to be involved in the agricultural activities as for the olive harvest, and we accompany them with love. From the initial harvesting phase, to the transport in the mill, there they observe the whole process of transformation and the best part ever… The tasting!


Ciriga Sicily Glamping is also Blanco Agri Bio!

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