Panoramic Tent
laundry and soaps
air conditioning
change of sheets
every 7 days
towel change
every 3 days
4 Ospiti
24 MQ

The Panoramic Glamping Tent Zagara, the latest addition to our glamping accommodation.
Nestled in a garden of citrus and fruit trees, you will feel like sleeping on a tree.
Wonderful atmosphere, between the warmth of the living wood material that, here, is really very present, and the soft and warm colors that taste of Sicily.

Pass under the bay arch, it will open your enchanted garden, you, rich in aromatic plants, green and lush . The night lights up like a postcard. Here you can relax among the hammocks and swings at your disposal, lulled by a special sea breeze that moves the branches of the trees releasing intense scents that will make you discover new sensations.

The comfortable and semi closed patio where, a comfortable two-burner induction kitchen, will allow you to be autonomous in the preparation of your meals. On the ceiling of the patio there is a fan that repels flies in the hottest periods.
Zagara looks great but is smaller internally than our Superior tents; in fact, it is a tiny tent and can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people.

The fridge is small but comfortable and has no freezer (in case, you can use the freezer of the main structure).
Internally a small entrance area with a comfortable sofa, a bedroom with a bunk bed. A comfortable bath and …. The stairs leading to the master bedroom and panoramic. Here, in fact, two large windows are the master. One overlooks an olive garden and the other overlooks the countryside of the Ciriga Sicily Glamping resort where, in the distance, you can see the sea merging with the sky.

And at certain times of the year you will see a spectacular sunset that you will literally enjoy from the tatami placed near the large window.
The bed is a king size to ensure you always the best comfort. Doesn’t end there. We have created for you a tailor-made balcony where you can enjoy your favorite wine while enjoying the exceptional view comfortably on the supplied cushions.

Believe me, this accommodation is a daydream, the favorite of many of our regular guests, also ideal for celebrating anniversaries and honeymoon.
Loved by young and old alike.

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You will not find TV in our rooms

At our glamping, we chose not to include televisions in our accommodations to encourage guests to reconnect with nature and to fully enjoy the beauty and tranquility that surrounds us, away from news and unpleasant news.

Staying here, you will enter into symbiosis with nature, thanks to all the environment that surrounds you.

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